Church reopens for public worship Feb. 6

We are pleased to announce that the Church is once again open for worship with no attendance restrictions. 

  • The congregation may voluntarily sit physically distanced in the sanctuary, but is no longer required to do so;
  • Anyone with COVID symptoms should assume they have it and stay home;
  • Masks must be worn throughout the service, except when taking communion;
  • Congregational singing is permitted while masked.

The importance of outreach: what we did in 2014

Outreach through contributions to community groups and to those in need is an important part of the pastoral life of the Parish. In 2014 the seven-member St. Barnabas outreach committee oversaw a range of projects, from donations to support local housing, to child sponsorship in India -- from gathering food donations and distributing Christmas baskets to -- more simply, but no less importantly -- inviting members of the community together for a monthly tea.