Good Friday

Here is a complete recording of the Solemn Liturgy of the Passion of Our Lord, held Good Friday, March 29.


Here is a complete recording of the service of Candlemass (the presentation of Christ in the Temple), which was held Feb. 3.

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John Wesley’s Directives for Congregational Singing

John Wesley (1703–1791), one of the founders of the Methodist movement in the Church of England, issued these directives concerning congregational singing in 1761:

Sing all. See that you join with the congregation as frequently as you can. Let not a slight degree of weakness or weariness hinder you. If it is a cross to you, take it up, and you will find it a blessing.

Rave reviews for Exsultate Deo!

Exsultate Deo!
Rave reviews for the new CD recorded by the Choir of St. Barnabas and Organist and Choirmaster Wesley R. Warren

The late-2012 release of the first full-length compact disc recorded by the musicians of St. Barnabas, Ottawa has inspired many – whether musicians themselves or appreciative listeners – to share their comments.


Even the word ‘Evensong’ is evocative. In the words of the Prayer at Eventide, in the Book of Common Prayer, ‘[T]he shadows lengthen, and the evening comes, the busy world is hushed...’ At St. Barnabas, we uphold the beautiful tradition of Anglican Evensong, with the devotional Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament, on the third Sunday of most months. Many who attend the prayerful, music-filled service are faithful parishioners, familiar with — and thankful for — the constancy and solemnity of the Evensong service according to the Book of Common Prayer.