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  • A New Year Each Advent

    By Rev. Canon Stewart Murray

    The cycle of the Church year, which shapes and guides us in our walk with Christ, begins anew each Advent season. The church year follows the revelation of Jesus Christ from the prophecies of his coming to his resurrection and ascension and looks towards his coming again in glory. Interspersed in the year are days that invite us to reflect on the life of the blessed Virgin Mary, and the saints and martyrs who have followed Christ from the time of the apostles down to our time. The calling to remembrance of these men and women is intended to strengthen and inspire us in our day as we seek to be faithful disciples of Jesus. One of the recent additions to the traditional list of saints’ and martyrs’ celebrations are the memorials of Canadian Anglican “worthies”, not saints in the traditional sense, but people who by their faith in Christ enabled the Church to meet the challenges it faced. Some examples include people from our own Diocese, such as Roberta Tilton, founder of the Women’s Auxiliary (the predecessor to the ACW), and Archbishop John Roper, whose leadership was honoured by Anglicans in Canada and around the world. An example beyond our Diocese is John West, who in 1845 was a missionary to the Red River settlements and whose honouring is a reminder of how the Church was an important partner in the development of Canada. The Church’s memorials of such worthies highlights the many people who helped shape the Anglican witness around the world and in Canada.

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  • Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) and the Church

    Patrick Mackenzie, a parishioner and policy analyst with Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada, will lead discussions about the relationship between the First Nations and the wider Canadian Society following High Mass on Nov. 13th and on December 11th. Let’s learn about the issues and opportunities that the TRC Calls to Action bring to us all. Please read the Calls to Action which are found, with the full Final Report, on the website for the TRC.

    In January, Patrick hopes to host a presentation of the Blanket Exercise to help us understand the impacts of colonialism on the First Nations and how it has shaped our Canadian experience. For more information ,please go to or speak to the Rector.

  • Are you in our community? Join us for ‘Communitea’!

    Image of teacup

    Image of teacup

    Now that fall has arrived again the Parish will be recommencing its longstanding tradition of monthly teas on the third Wednesday of each month. The teas are free to all in the community and will take place from 2pm to 3:30pm in the Parish Hall.

    Upcoming dates are:

    • December 21

    Each tea will have an interesting programme for all to enjoy.

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This Sunday

December 11, 2016

High Mass BAS - Advent III

Advent III – ‘Gaudete Sunday’
(Christmas Pageant Presentation)
Colour: Rose
10:30 am Solemn High Mass BAS
Propers: p. 270 2nd Collect p. 268
Isaiah 35:1-10
Psalm 146:4-9
James 5:7-10
Matthew 11:2-11

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