St Barnabas 2017 Parish Survey

Vision Statement

St. Barnabas is a vibrant community called to be Christ’s presence in worship and ministry.

Mission Statement – How we live out our vision

To provide faithful Anglo-Catholic worship and education
To equip the people of God for ministry in the world
To be a visible and tangible presence of Christ in the wider Community

(Adopted 2008)

Parish Council needs your help! We invite you to help us to review our activities and to consider whether there are other things we ought to do in order to fulfil our mission. Even if you previously completed the survey, please add your suggestions for things we might add to our current activities, things we could do differently, or even perhaps things we might stop doing. Please be specific! We need your inspiration.

The survey will stay open until December 26, 2017.

Your answers will be confidential and used only by the clergy, wardens, and Parish Council to develop plans for our shared parish life and ministry. Everyone will receive a summary report about the results.

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For more information about the survey, please contact jveitch [at]