Sunday School Schedule

St. Barnabas' Children's Program: March - June 2023

Join us for Sunday School at the 10:30 Service!

*Advance notice of your expected or tentative attendance on Holy Week and Easter Sunday dates would be much appreciated ASAP, ideally by March 26th at the latest. Thank you.

Passiontide with Children

  • March 26 (Passion Sunday) - Sunday School with Catherine
  • April 2 (Palm Sunday)* - Procession (children carrying palms) and Special Activity Kits (for pews or with parents in the hall)
  • April 7 (Good Friday)* - Children's Good Friday Event (for children accompanied by their parents) - 3:00-4:00pm with Catherine

Eastertide with Children

  • April 9 (Easter Day)* - Procession (children carrying flowers) and Special Activity Kits (for pews or with parents in the hall)
  • April 23 (Easter III) - Sunday School with Suzane
  • May 7 (Easter V) - Sunday School with Catherine
  • May 28 (Pentecost) - Procession (children carrying red lights) and Sunday School with Suzane


May 28th after church at Dundonald Park

Last Day Before Summer Break

  • June 11 (Feast of St. Barnabas with Bishop Parker) - Procession (children carrying images of St. Barnabas) and Sunday School with Catherine and Suzane. Recognition of Children's Sunday School Participation and Youth Volunteers.

Stay-tuned for information about

September registration. There *may*

also be some family events this summer. 



For more information or to register, please contact Catherine and Suzane using the form below. Thank you.









Here is a poster with Sunday School information you may hang on your fridge



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