The Rector's Message for Advent and Christmas

Dear Friends: Christmas is the celebration of God our Father’s generosity towards all of His Creation. For at, Christmas we rejoice that God has come to share the joys and sorrows of His people as Jesus, the defenseless infant laying in the manger. All the carols and favourite Christmas music strive to capture the wonder and promise of this precious gift.

But words will never be able to express the incredible truth of this celebration – that the Creator of the universe loves us – each of us – so completely and without reservation that He came to share our life that we might be restored to our true identities as Children of God. As the opening collect of each Mass reminds us “ Almighty God unto whom all hearts are open, all desires known…” God knows our hearts, the things that trouble and concern us, the things that make us afraid, the parts of our lives that we strive to keep hidden even from ourselves. God knows all these things and still He loves us and invites us to share all our life with Him. The knowledge and experience of His presence gives us joy, hope and the courage to face the challenges and difficulties of each day.

This Christmas, so different from other years with the needed restrictions of the pandemic, we need to be reminded that God holds all of us close to His heart. And whether we gather in person or virtually as a Parish community or with family, to celebrate the feast of Christmas, let us come with a renewed sense of God’s presence in our hearts and of God’s invitation for us to share the hope that is the gift of Jesus each day of the coming New Year. In Christ The Rev. Canon Stewart Murray B.A., M.Div.. Rector of St. Barnabas A & M