Outreach Report for 2021

Presented at St. Barnabas Vestry, February 20, 2022

St. Barnabas outreach committee has over seven (7) members: Fr. Murray, Yvonne Moses, Mary Hume, Allayne Evans, Chris Cullen, Sharon Halligan and Margaret Pippy.

The following report is a summary of the activities of the outreach committee on behalf of St.Barnabas Parish in 2021.

Outreach Activities with community organizations

Centretown Churches Social Action Committee (CCSAC): The Centretown Emergency Food Center (CEFC) is the main project of CCSAC. We have contributed many nonperishable food with an especially large Thanksgiving donation and the fresh fruit and vegetable decorating the church went to CEFC and St. Lukes Table. Participating in the virtual walk for the center raised $525.

Centre 454: There was not much direct interaction on my part because of Covid restrictions.

St. Lukes Table: They received mugs, toiletries, hats, scarves and food stuff.

Multifaith Housing Initiative (MHI): As a parish we renewed our membership as well as taking part in the virtual walk. From all sources a total of $105,406 was gathered through the Walkathon.

JMJ Children Fund of Canada: St. Barnabas continued to provide monetary support for the India Project. The overall report for the JMJ project was positive. This year JMJ was able to disperse $20,000 to provide food, shelter, clothing and education to disadvantaged children in India, Zambia, Ghana and Haiti. JMJ Children’s Fund hit their 50th anniversary this year and hopes for our continued support. The Newsletter for Christmas 2021 will provide more details.

Other Recipients: St. Barnabas Outreach also contributed clothing and household essentials where the need was greatest. During the lockdowns the distribution of help followed all Covid protocols.

Activities at St. Barnabas

Pancake Supper and Communitea were both completely suspended. We also had a virtual bazaar as well as prepared Christmas baskets for shut in members and they were delivered.

In conclusion I would like to extend my thanks to all those who made it possible to do what is necessary for those who need our friendship and help. Trusting that things will be more normal for 2022.

Respectfully Submitted, Yvonne Moses