Easter message from Fr. Murray

Easter 2021

Dear Friends:

The one year anniversary of the Pandemic was marked last week with stories of loss and of hope, of people showing great courage and strength and of those worn down by anxiety and stress.  All of us have been affected in one way or another by the events of the past year.  For some it has meant working from home, for others not being able to visit loved ones in hospital or in long term care, for our children, not going to school as usual, and for all of us the loss of being together as a Parish community in our beloved Church building. The familiar routines and habits that give our lives order and direction have been upended.  Some have described it as being lost in the wilderness with no familiar landmarks or sense of going forward. The experience of Moses and the Israelites wandering the desert for 40 years has become a good analogy of our collective experience.  The wilderness experience has helped many of us think about what really matters in our life. The importance of family, of community and of our faith has come into sharper focus.

Your Parish has also been finding its way through this wilderness.  The cycle of prayer and worship that shapes our life as a Parish has continued without interruption and has been shared in new and creative ways.  People have come forward to offer their talents and expertise to enable us to continue to be a source of strength, hope and encouragement to the Parish family. 

Easter this year is more important then ever. It is a reminder that life will triumph over death and hope over despair; we will reach the end of the wilderness and find a new way of living shaped by our experience of the past year.  I encourage all of you to join with your Parish family in the journey of Holy Week and Easter and to find new joy and hope in God’s faithfulness this year.

In Christ

The Rev. Canon Stewart W. Murray