Worship Service

Mass BCP

Monday in Holy Week

10:00am Mass BCP
Colour: Purple
Introit Booklet # 35
Propers: p. 301 BAS
Hebrews 9:11-15
John 12:1-11
Celebrant: Fr. Young

Mass BCP

St. Gregory the Illuminator, Bishop of Armenia, c. 322
Colour: Purple
7:30 am Mass BCP
Introit Booklet # 92
Propers: p. 271, 2nd Collect p. 138 BCP
Celebrant: Fr. Beall
Intention: For all who seek to share the Gospel through the arts.

Morning Prayer

Feria in Passiontide, Thomas Ken, Bishop of Bath and Wells, 1711
Colour: Purple
12:15pm Mass BCP
Introit Booklet # 121
Propers: FAS p.123 , 2nd Collect p. 138 BCP
Celebrant: Fr. Young
Intention: For all studying for Holy Orders in the Church.

Mass BCP

Feria in Passiontide, Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury, 1556
Colour: Purple
5:15 pm Mass BCP
Introit Booklet # 119
Propers: FAS p.119, 2nd Collect p. 138.
Celebrant: Fr. Murray
Intention: For the witness of the Prayer Book Society.