Worship Service

Mass, Book of Common Prayer

Feast of the Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Transferred from Dec. 8th)

  • Colour: White/Blue
  • Introit Booklet # 114
  • Propers: FAS p. 371, 2nd Collect p. 95 BCP
  • Celebrant: Fr. Murray
  • Intention: For all who await the birth of a child and for all who work to protect the unborn.

Mass BCP

  • Introit Booklet: # 116
  • Propers: FAS p.369, 2nd Collect p. 95 BCP
  • Celebrant: Fr. Tudin
  • Intention: For all seeking to share the Gospel through the Arts.

Mass BCP

Clement, Bp of Rome, c. 100 

Colour: Green

Introit Booklet # 116

Propers: FAS p. 357 

Celebrant: Fr. Raths

Intention: For all who are studying for Holy Orders.