Parish Life

Stony Ground

by Rev. Canon Stewart Murray

This article appears in the April issue of Crosstalk, the newspaper of the Diocese of Ottawa

On the surface the parables of Jesus are simple stories often drawn from the popular stories or everyday events of 1st-century Israel. They have the potential, however, to draw you into a conversation with the theme of the parable that can open up a deeper encounter with Jesus. I have been engaged in such a conversation with the parable of the Sower from the Gospels of St. Matthew 13:1-23 and Luke 8:1-15. I have always had an affinity with this story, perhaps because I am a gardener and have been a keen seed saver at times. I know some of the challenges of working to save seed from one season to the next and of the importance of soil preparation in a successful garden.

Parish concert event: Dark Nights, Radiant Light: Meditations in Eastertide through Song, Image, Word, and Silence

Centred on the themes of Mercy, Grace, Faith, and Love, this program offers four meditations on the journey of faith through the darkness of our hearts to the Light of New Life in Christ. Featuring songs written and performed by soprano Catherine Schwartz in collaboration with cellist Greg Weeks and harpist Susan Sweeney Hermon, paintings by Annegret Hunter, and readings by Lucy-Ann Kubina from the works of Underhill, Julian of Norwich, L'Engle, Donne, and Herbert, the program also includes opportunities for silent reflection. Reception to follow.

Darkness and Light

by Rev. Canon Stewart Murray

This article appears in the March issue of Crosstalk, the newspaper of the Diocese of Ottawa

Holy Week, especially Good Friday, and Easter are an invitation that God gives us to reflect on the challenges and difficulties we all face. They are also times that speak to me of the possibilities of change and renewal.

Parish to host blanket exercise to re-enact the effects of colonization on aboriginal peoples -- and to promote empathy

On Sunday, February 26, the Parish will host an event designed to promote greater understanding of the plight of aboriginal peoples through centuries of colonization. The KAIROS Blanket Exercise is an interactive learning experience that teaches the history of Indigenous rights that we’re rarely taught.


By Rev. Canon Stewart Murray
This article appears in the January edition of Crosstalk, the newspaper of the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa

Throughout the Christmas season the words and the themes that seemed to be everywhere were joy and wonder. They were present not only in the wonderful carols, but in the scripture readings and in the liturgies that were offered. This theme of joy and wonder continues into the Epiphany season that leads us to the season of Lent.

Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) and the Church

In January, Patrick Mackenzie, a parishioner and policy analyst with Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada, hopes to host a presentation of the Blanket Exercise to help us understand the impacts of colonialism on the First Nations and how it has shaped our Canadian experience. For more information ,please go to or speak to the Rector.