Photo of Sunday School Easter diorama.

Sunday School

St Barnabas is blessed with an active Sunday School program. In addition to the program's highlight, the annual Christmas Pageant, learning about Christ continues throughout the fall and spring under the tutelage of Sunday School coordinators Wayne and Barbara Nimigan. What a wonderful gift to our life in the Church — children have an exuberance and energy that, in turn, rejuvenates the adults. It wasn’t very long ago that we had only one or two children, at most. Now we have a veritable host, who make our hearts glad when we see and interact with them. Our children truly are a sign, both of the vitality of the parish and of its ability to continue so into the next generation.

The programme begins at 10:15 when we gather in the church hall to illustrate a hymn. This year we have learned 'All Things Bright and Beautiful', 'Amazing Grace', 'We Three Kings' and 'Were You There When They Crucified My Lord'. At 10:30  a short liturgy is said before dividing into two classes. The older children, through readings, discussion, and a variety of other activities, are invited to delve more deeply into the theology of the faith -- what we believe and why. The other group (variety of ages) this year has been concentrating on the stories of the life of Jesus, miracles and parables using video, drama, table top re-enactments and art projects. A Sunday School paper is prepared for both groups and given out weekly using the biblical text.